Destiny: Age of Triumph’s weekly activities detailed

Destiny is all about the loot. Getting that god-roll Hand Cannon that will destroy everything in the Crucible is the reason people keep heading back and playing the game week in and week out. Fortunately Destiny has weekly activities to do to aid in your quest for the ultimate weapons and gear, unfortunately these weekly activities have become a bit stale over the last couple of months.

The Age of Triumph update aims to fix this, with some changes to the weekly playlist:

  • New Treasure of Ages chests can be acquired, which will allow players to get just about everything that has been available throughout Destiny’s three and a half years. Guardians will also be able to dismantle the items from the Age of Triumph chest and buy the items they want using Silver Dust. Treasure of Ages chests can be obtained in a number of ways, including a new 12-step quest from The Speaker, a new weekly story playlist, through the Siva Crisis Heroic Strike playlist and the Crucible.
  • The Prison of Elders will receive a bit of a much needed boost with an added Challenge of Elders activity. There will also be a new Daybreak modifier for the Nightfall Strike, which will replenish Supers much quicker, much like the Crucible mode called Mayhem. There will also be a modified Lord Shaxx activity.

You will be able to obtain up to three Treasure of the Ages chests a week but doing the Weekly Story playlist, Siva Crisis Heroic Strikes and doing a new Crucible option.

It looks like quite a lot to do at the moment, and it might be a compelling reason to boot up Destiny again if you’ve been away for a while. Especially if you consider that doing all the Raids will also be available again. Destiny Age of Triumph will be available on 28 March.

Source: PlayStationLifestyle

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