Video: Check out some of the enemies you will be up against in Prey

If you have been keeping an eye on Prey you will know that gameplay wise it looks to be a mixture between Bioshock and Half-Life. Those are two amazing games so our interest in Prey has been growing ever since the first gameplay reveal. Developers Arkane Studios have just released a new video showing off some of the enemies you will be up against.

Three different enemy types are shown off in the video, the Mimics, Phantoms and Telepaths. The enemy types look very interesting and even more unpredictable, take the Mimic for instance, it can transform into everyday objects, meaning even that lonely office chair in the corner could try to rip your face off.

Check out the below video and let us know if Prey is on your radar to pick up when it releases on May 5th?

Source: Bethesda

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