Super Mario Run is finally heading to Android on 23 March

After many years of fans pleading with Nintendo to release a more traditional game, staring their famous mascot, on smartphones they finally did so with Super Mario Run. The game launched to much praise from critics and players alike on iOS in December of 2016. Unfortunately Android users were left out in the cold, but that’s about to end this week.

Nintendo confirmed it via this tweet:

Come 23 March Android users will finally be able to buy and download the game to their favourite Android device. The game will cost you £9.99, roughly R150.00, and will unlock the entire game. Yes, there are no pesky micro-transactions, so don’t be to bothered at spending a little extra if you’re really keen on taking the plumber out on another platforming adventure.

If you’d like to test out a demo beforehand you can do so by downloading it from the store and with the up-and-coming 2.0 download on its way you’ll be able to play the first four stages in the game before buying it, without an annoying timer limiting your experience.

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