Video: Mass Effect: Andromeda get impressive 4K Tech Trailer

This Wednesday finally sees the release of the next chapter in the Mass Effect franchise – Mass Effect: Andromeda. For the first time the game is running on the Frostbite Engine that you may be familiar with as it is used in the Battlefield games. The engine allows for some very impressive graphical enhancements that the team at Bioware took advantage of when making Mass Effect: Andromeda. Things like 4K and HDR were not possible on the previous engines or used for the series so the developers wanted to highlight how they used these new techniques to make Mass Effect: Andromeda one seriously good-looking game.

Check out the Tech Trailer below that you can watch in 4K if you are lucky enough to have a display that supports it. Let us know if you will be getting the game day 1 when it comes out on Wednesday?

Source: Nvidia

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