Each class in Battlefield 1 is getting a brand new weapon

The first DLC for Battlefield 1 – They Shall not Pass has just come out and if you are still sitting with just the base game don’t worry because DICE has a surprise for you. DICE is currently testing four new weapon variants in Battlefield 1, to be later added to the base game that you can access without the DLC. Usually something like brand new weapons would sit behind a pay wall of some kind but DICE wants to give the new weapons away for free. The only catch is that you will have to perform specific tasks within the game to unlock them, and thanks to Battlefield insider, Westie, we have the weapons and each task you need to complete to unlock them listed below:

Assault – Hellriegel 1915 Defensive

This variant comes with a 120-round drum magazine and a bipod. It offers more rounds in the magazine, and it’s deigned for stationary use. To unlock it, you need to get 300 kills with the Hellriegel 1915 Factory, and 25 kills with AT Mines.

Medic – Selbstlader 1906 Sniper

This version of the Selbstlader 1906 comes with a sniper scope and a bipod. It offers increased range for an already accurate weapon. You need 300 kills with the Factory variant, and 25 kills with rifle grenades to unlock it.

Support – Huot Automatic Optical

This variant includes improved sights and a foregrip. It’s designed for on-the-move combat and offers greater control over recoil. To unlock it, you’ll need 300 kills with the Low Weight variant, and 25 kills with Limpet Charges.

Scout – Martini-Henry Sniper

The already very powerful Martini-Henry gets a sniper variant with a long-range scope and a bipod. As you’d expect, this could make the weapon more effective at further ranges, if for nothing else than replacing the iron sights. You need 300 kills with the Infantry variant, and 25 kills with the bayonet charge.

New weapons are always welcomed and I am personally looking forward to trying the new gear out. There is no news just yet on a release date for the weapons but it should be pretty soon.

Source: Westie

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