Rumour: Leaked Destiny 2 poster schedules the game for a September release

Well, don’t act too surprised. We all know that Bungie are hard at work on a new Destiny game. It’s just that we don’t know much about it at all. An Italian site uploaded a poster a few moments ago that they claim is the official artwork for Destiny 2. More so, according to that poster it’ll launch on 8 September.

8 September should work as it falls right in line with your general release schedule of it being either a Tuesday or Friday that a game launches, this being on a Tuesday. Also, many had it down as a September release. There is however someone at GameStop Italy that also posted an image of the same poster, which now has many people speculating that this could indeed be true.

Take it with a pinch of salt as always… but we’re thinking this might be the real deal. It’s far to bizarre that two different Italian outlets have access to the same poster.  Both Bungie and Activision are yet to comment.

Also, there is word that PS4 will get the beta in June:

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