Video: Check out the new Battlefield 1 weapons in action

Earlier this week DICE announced that each new class in Battlefield 1 will be getting a brand new weapon to play with on the battlefield. DICE have not announced when the new weapons will be coming to the base game but we now have our first footage of the new weapons being used in game. You will need to get each class to level 10 to unlock the new weapons when they do finally release it and you can see other unlock requirements as well as weapon descriptions here.

Thanks to a YouTuber called DANNYonPC who managed to get earlier access to the new arsenal, we can see the new weapons in action in the below video. What really caught my eye was the new sniper rifle that actually lets you land a one shot kill – if you have played as the sniper class in Battlefield 1 you will know how irritating it can be to have to land two shots center mass to final drop an enemy when it should just require one.

Source: DannyonPC

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