StarCraft: Remaster officially announced

The remastered version of StarCraft and its expansion Brood War has been a long rumoured and expected announcement. Two weeks ago the rumours flared up again stating that the game would be announced soon. Well Blizzard finally decided to appease Korean fans by finally confirming what we all knew was coming. Find the announcement trailer below.

Announced at the 1 <3 StarCraft event, StarCraft: Remaster will have both the base StarCraft game along with the expansion Brood War. The Remaster will get a bit more than just a graphical overhaul. Apart from new resolutions and some crisper models, it will also include revised dialogue and audio. You can check out a lot of the changes and how the game looks in side-by-side comparison over at the official StarCraft website. Blizzard made it clear that they would in no way be altering the gameplay or balance of the game.

StarCraft: Remaster will also be a part of the Blizzard App (formally client in order to launch the game. This adds some great features to matchmaking and balancing for newer players looking to see what all the fuss is about without being thrown in the deep end.

While Blizzard was providing a lot of info on the upcoming Remaster, there was another surprise announcement. The original versions of StarCraft Brood War will not only be getting an update this week, but would become completely free following the release of patch 1.18a.

TeamLiquid provided the patch notes and reactions have been very positive. The majority listed are more modernisations and improvements but there are some minor bugs fixes that have plagued the game for years. This is the first patch for StarCraft and Brood War released in eight years, the last being in January 2009.

This is great news all round and shows Blizzard is willing to give older fans some love. While the StarCraft: Remaster alone is phenomenal news, that provides some hope that WarCraft III might get the same treatment somewhere down the line or even the beloved Diablo 2. It leads to a lot of possibilities but for now, the focus is square on one of the most prolific games in the Real Time Strategy genre.

No firm release date has been given but Blizzard slated StarCraft: Remaster for a “Summer” release. Based on the rumours, it should be a May-July time frame. It gives players some time to prep before StarCraft returns to take its place on the top of the RTS food chain.

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