Valkyria Revolution unleashing war in June

The first new Valkyria game in over six years finally received its release date in the West. Valkyria Revolution, an action spin-off of the classic Valkyria games will be coming to Europe on June 30th and June 27th in the US for PS4, Xbox One and the PlayStation Vita. Check out the teaser trailer below which shows off some gorgeous visuals and music.

Sporting both a physical and digital release, the game will be coming in at a cheaper price tag at the $39.99 mark for American markets cutting down from the traditional $60 price. This will still reflect in other markets although it is always tough to gauge local price. Worth noting however that the Vita version will be a strictly digital release. According to the PlayStation EU Blog, those who pre-order will get a bonus 12-track soundtrack by Yasunori Mitsuda who scored Chrono Trigger.

One of the best decisions regarding this date is that it hits at what is a perfect time for a niche game. It comes during the mitts of the well-known “Summer Drought” that often dead zone where big releases try their best to stay away from. It doesn’t have to battle any hard hitters and overshadowing giants.

Publisher, SEGA, has had an awkward time selling Valkyria Revolution. Being part of a franchise that has cemented itself as a beloved cult classic, it has been met with both disappointment and excitement. It is not a sequel to any of the previous entries, but a spin-off moving the playstyle from Turn Based Strategy of previous games to Action Role-Playing.

The original game received a re-release on the PlayStation 4 last year and on the PC in 2014. Both did extremely well showing there was definitely a market for more, especially considering that Valkyria Chronicles 2 was a disappointment and the third entry never released outside of Japan. If you have never played the first, it is highly recommended as one of those must plays from last generation.

Hopefully SEGA will do some more to sell players on the game in the time they have. Despite a gorgeous style and stunning soundtrack the harsh shift in gameplay might turn off long-time fans and still be too niche for the bigger market. Hopefully Valkyria Revolution will be a hidden gem in a year already flooding with spectacular games. If it does well, it might lead to a true successor to the original Valkyria Chronicles. Fans have only waited nine years for that game to arrive (yes, Valkyria Chronicles released in 2008).

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