NieR: Automata’s strong sales on PC and Directors dreams of Vita 2

NieR: Automata is one of those games that broke through the niche barrier often found with Japanese titles. A weird, off-the-wall action game with a female lead in outlandish attire would usually be adopted by a small audience but director Yoko Taro’s latest game has already become a success. This is both critically (check out our review here) and now sales wise.

According to SteamSpy, a website dedicated trying to tracking Steam sales, NieR: Automata has sold over 200,000 copies. While video game sales numbers and expectations have been warped due to the bigger publishers holding games to ransom, for a game this niche in almost every aspect, it is a fantastic achievement. It is also worth remembering that the game is not even out of launch month and it is already showing some great numbers.

For those not familiar with SteamSpy, it came to be the greatest way of tracking sales numbers of a game via Steam. It essentially works that every user who owns the game via their library is counted toward the final number. Thus, 200,000 and more people owning NieR: Automata, a sequel to a game never released on PC means a lot. This is not even counting the PlayStation 4 version sales.

With this success, the ever glorious Yoko Taro decided to bring up something to his fans: A Successor to the PlayStation Vita. In the tweet below, Taro spoke primarily of a smaller handheld device that went beyond a phone.

“I want a Vita successor. While I feel a bit relieved since the Switch appeared, I’d like a slightly smaller next-generation portable game machine. I’d like to satisfy the desire that cannot be satisfied by smartphones, that don’t have physical buttons.”

Credit to DualShockers for the translation.

While he notes the Switch being able to suppress his desires a bit, he focuses on the size being a bit of a problem. While the Nintendo Switch is off to a roaring start as a new platform, many have been questioning Sony’s next move in the handheld department, or if there will be any movement.

It is not breaking any new ground to state the PS Vita was a bit of a dud. Despite a promising start, it fell off quickly. Through a lack of meaningful games and support from Sony, the system became something of an otaku machine in the marketplace. It was the tired but true joke that any release for the Vita was either another indie game or Japanese imports. This is not to dismiss the system as it still houses some phenomenal games for fans, but it could never recapture mass market appeal.

It also helps Taro’s case that the Vita is still doing well in Japan. It might only be due to Minecraft but it is still a key focus for Sony in the Asian market. A Vita successor would be interesting, Sony will have to present a strong pitch and Minecraft can only get them so far. Although, with NieR’s new found success maybe Taro might have more sway. In the meantime, it might be his upcoming moblie game SINoALICE that has him looking for a new handheld to unleash his wondrous insanity on.

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