There’s a Dinklebot Easter egg in the latest Destiny update

Bungie sure does know how to take a joke and make fun themselves due to past ‘accidents.’ For those of you who’ve played Destiny all the way back to the Alpha days, will know of a popular line that your ghost says. Peter Dinklage originally voiced the character of your ghost and let loose this funny line:”That wizard came from the moon.”

In the latest update, if you complete The Dark Within, you’ll hear the classic line from your ghost in Dinklage’s original voice, followed by a cough as he corrects himself.

At the time, the line was a huge sensation and gave birth to many internet memes. Bungie even made a shirt with the words on it. Unfortunately, Dinklage’s performance was underwhelming and he was subsequently replaced by Nolan North. The Easter egg is a cute nod to the start of Destiny and how we’ve all come to either love or hate the game.

Source: Destructoid

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