Blizzard wins big against Bot sellers

Blizzard has marked a big win in the battle against cheaters. The prolific developer won a long-running lawsuit against a company behind some of the most popular cheating tools and now they have to pay up.

TorrentFreak reported that Bossland, an organisation that develops and sells bots for a variety of games, will be forced to pay Blizzard over $8.5 Million in damages as per ruling of California District Court. According to the Court in the ruling, Bossland’s tools were directly impacting the players and Blizzard themselves.

Players have a negative experience when dealing with cheats, with the court believing that this damages Blizzards “goodwill and reputation”. These hacks in turn cost Blizzard as resources are spent attempting to prevent them.

This ruling also puts a harsh ban on Bossland, a German based company, from selling any of its cheating tools within the United States. These include “Demonbuddy”, “Stormbuddy”, “Honorbuddy” and “Watchover Tyrant”.

It is not the least bit surprising about the outcome. The case has been going on for some time in both Germany and the US. This was the ruling of the US Court and Bossland failed to send any kind of defence, making it an easy win. On the German side, the German Supreme Court got involved with the case and gave Blizzard the win by overturning a lower court ruling early this year.

This is all around great news. Hacks and cheats are a detriment to the online multiplayer landscape. It is only made worse by organisations using nefarious tools to make money. While it is hard to say if Bossland will stick around, another bot-maker will take their place. For the player base, it is worth hoping this sends a strong message and deters future cheat architects.

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