PlayStation VR slow growth with consumers means it’s heading to arcades and theme parks

For years now we’ve all been asking and pleading for VR to make our worlds more realistic and now that it’s finally here it’s definitely providing an experience, but it comes at a cost. Entering that VR dream is not the cheapest experience around, and because of that the growth of PlayStation VR has been “slower-than-expected” around the world. There was a surge of excitement at launch, but sales numbers are starting to dwindle.

According to Sony they’ve now sold 915,000 and puts it in line with what their internal target was – 1 million. That said, with the success and user base of the PS4 they were probably hoping for a bit more sales and because it’s not quite flown off the shelves they’re looking at entering the commercial space of “location-based entertainment” – arcades and theme parks.

Of course here in South Africa it’s something you won’t ever likely get to witness, as arcades and theme parks are non-existent. However, in the US and Japan theme parks are big, and in Japan the arcade business is still going strong, and that’s where Sony will next push their VR experiences. It’s a clever move as they open up their product experience to a broad base of people who would never have played it before.

Source: Gamasutra

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