Video: Tekken 7 gets new gameplay trailer and ESRB rating

The King of Iron Fist tournament is returning. Tekken 7 is still set to hit us in June so in the interim, publisher and developer Bandai Namco are putting out some gameplay to keep players juggling with anticipation.

Above is a new gameplay trailer showing off newcomer Shaheen against returning character Lars. It looks like some more Tekken and that is all fans are really asking for. The last numbered entry was Tekken 6 which released a decade ago. In 2011, Bandai Namco released the fantastic Tekken Tag Tournament 2 to continue that part of the prolific fighting game franchise.

Along with the new trailer, it seems that Tekken 7 also received itself an ESRB rating. It got the classic “Teen” rating as most fighting games not named Mortal Kombat tend to do. While there is nothing really noticeable about this, the description is well worth a read. From camera zooming on chests, blood and apparently laxatives. To quote what might be the weirdest sentence in an ESRB description: “One cutscene involves pizza, laxatives, gurgling noises, and flatulence as two characters scramble to reach a bathroom.”

Tekken 7 might only be hitting home consoles this year, but it has been around and playable for two years in Japanese arcades. The initial arcade version released in Japan in early 2015, which was then followed by an updated version named Tekken 7: Fated Retribution a year later. Despite dropping the subtitle, the home console version will be based on this version of the game. Tekken 7 even made main stage of Evolution Championship Series, the premier Fighting Game Tournament last year despite no home console release. It is definitely worth watching the Grand Finals from last year to see some high level Tekken play.

Tekken 7 is set to return to the main stage of EVO 2017.  EVO 2017 is set for July 14-16 so Tekken players will have over a month to prep themselves with a whole new Tekken. Get those fists ready and try not to get thrown in a volcano because Tekken is coming back to take the throne on 2 June on PS4, Xbox One and PC.

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