Some cry foul as CD Projekt RED registers Trademark for “Cyberpunk”

Creators of The Witcher III, and industry darling, CD Projekt RED came under a bit of fire last week when it came to light that they had registered a Trademark for the word “Cyberpunk”, with some community members fearing it might be used in some nefarious ways.

CD Projekt RED is currently developing a game called Cyberpunk 2077, and defended the Trademark by tweeting the following statement:

What they basically said is that they have no intention of using the Trademark in order to bully others who might want to use the word in their games, but rather as a defense mechanism for themselves in case they ever wanted to make a sequel called Cyberpunk 2 or Cyberpunk 2078, then they won’t run the risk of being bullied by someone else, who might have registered the Trademark.

Unlike a Copyright or a Patent, a Trademark does not prohibit the use of a word, in this case “Cyberpunk”, but it has happened in the past that big companies tried to wring money out of smaller players with Trademarks. CD Projekt RED, however, does have a very good record when it comes to consumer-friendly practices, so giving them the benefit of the doubt is much easier than with other bigger gaming companies.

Source: Gamespot

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