Those who pirated Mass Effect: Andromeda are stuck in bad face hell

The first big patch to hit Mass Effect: Andromeda released last week and it is a crucial one. The biggest fix comes for the games facial animation’s which were lambasted at launch for being ugly throughout the game. Yet, for those who pirated the game, they may always be stuck with the old dead-eyed mannequins.

Mass Effect: Andromeda’s patch 1.05 really focused on fixing the eyes, removing the soulless vessels that stared into the abyss. While the faces also got a bit of touch-up, it was nothing immense yet those eyes do make a difference. The patch also set out to re-balance the gameplay and fix the punch-happy play style. There are some other really worthwhile balance changes and some much needed bug fixes. There was however, another big factor that got fixed.

Mass Effect: Andromeda’s launch was a misstep in a lot of ways. Yet one of the weirdest oversights came in the addition of Denuvo. It seems that the launch version had an out-of-date version of the Anti-Piracy DRM component, meaning that it didn’t take long to get cracked.

The new patch rectifies this issue by updating to the latest version of Denuvo, one that has yet to be cracked. This is noticeably absent from the patch notes, most likely due to the original oversight being nothing short of embarrassing.

What this means however, is that those who pirated Andromeda are unable to get the update without locking themselves out of the game. This is really quite the predicament and will go down as one of funniest unintentional moments of “Pirate shaming” in games.

Developers at times, tend to tackle piracy by adding what are funny Easter eggs, possible blocks are even slight changes that identify pirates. From Alan Wake forcing pirates to go through the game with an eye-patch. Game Dev Tycoon causing pirates to fail because games sales are destroyed through pirates in the game development sim. The most recent example was how Jonathan Blow was able to figure out a popular streamer had pirated The Witness just by watching the Stream. The big difference though, is that all of these were intentional.

It is good to see Mass Effect: Andromeda getting some much needed fixing but it is still worth pointing out how it should have never released in the state it was in. Despite it getting some positive reviews, many players felt very disappointed with the first current gen entry in the beloved franchise. With more patches people can only really be happy something is getting done. Well, except for the pirates but not many are going to go bat for them anytime soon.

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