Video: Dawn of War 3 goes back to its table top roots in new trailer

Before the Warhammer series made the leap to the video game format it was a massively popular strategic table top game. It is still very popular today and you can still build up armies of highly detailed Warhammer figurines and spend your days hand painting them if your wallet allows – because they are not cheap. For anyone that has ever played the table top version of Warhammer or even hand painted their own armies this trailer will bring a smile to your face. It is made using figurines from various armies blended with some special effects of course.

What will likely blow your hair back is the amount of detail on each unit especially the final shot. Whoever painted that figure deserves a gold medal because the detailing is amazing. Take a look at the table top figurines in action in the new Dawn of War 3 trailer below.

Source: Dawn of War

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