Burning Question: Which video game ending disappointed you the most?

As gamers we put in a lot of time playing and completing games. We can easily spend up to 10 hours on a decent game, but that number can increase to 30 – 40 hours for larger games. So when you finally reach the finish line and the ending isn’t exactly a winner, it can sometimes leave a sour taste in what could’ve been a great game. Sometimes the journey is more than just the ending, and there have been plenty of games with boring endings that had great journeys, but this question more to do about games with endings so disappointing that I’ve never looked back.

The first example is with an ending so open that it feels incomplete. Deus Ex Mankind Divided is the one I speak of. While I won’t say much about the game, as I’m sure you won’t appreciate any spoilers, but the end is very abrupt and unsatisfying. It’s not even a cliffhanger type of ending, in fact feels as if you’ve only reached about two-thirds of the way into the game. I left feeling cheated and I’ve never been so disappointed in a Deus Ex game which are known to have multiple and thought-provoking endings.

Speaking of feeling cheated, another game ending that annoyed me was Destiny‘s original ending. When Destiny first released, everyone was excited and shooting the hell out of everything, but I can guarantee no one was expecting the sudden and underwhelming ending. Now I know that more has been released over the years, but the ending did leave a bitter after-taste in a game that I enjoyed so much. It didn’t quite deter me from playing Destiny, but I would always play the game remembering how annoyed I was with the end.

There are other games to discuss, like Dead Space 3 and Metal Gear Solid V, but I may sound a tad bit hateful when discussing them. So, which games did you think fell short at the end?

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