Video: Star Wars Battlefront 2 trailer leaked ahead of Celebration Weekend

This weekend sees the one event take place that every Star Wars fan has marked on their calendar – Star Wars Celebration weekend. We know for a fact we will be seeing the first trailer for Star Wars: Episode 8 this weekend as well as our first look at Star Wars: Battlefront 2, but it seems EA sprung a leak and released a short trailer early. It looks like this short teaser trailer was leaked on purpose as I suspect there is a lot more to be shown off this weekend. The thirty-second teaser does give us a lot of info about the new game however, such as the fact that all Star Wars eras will be playable and it looks like the single player story will see you fill the boots of a female Storm Trooper.

It also looks like the story will kick off after the battle on Endor which has me thinking that the narrative will be focused on the rise of The First Order. Very exciting stuff indeed so waste no more time and check out the quick teaser below.


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