Console demo for Prey hits one week before release

The Prey reboot/remake will receive a one-hour long demo just before the game releases. Bethesda have announced that the demo will be available from 27 April on PS4 and Xbox One, which is one week away from launch. There’s no mention of a PC demo, which is a little odd as I thought the PC version would get a demo before anything else.

Whether or not this is a timed trial or a demo that ends at a specific plot point is unknown at this point. I am, however, pretty impressed that Bethesda’s releasing a demo as I do miss the days where I could test whether or not I wanted to play a game before I purchased it. While there are loads of demos, not many are released before the game, or reviews for it, are out.

The last significant one I can think of is Final Fantasy XV and that was even treated as a beta. I hope to see more pre-release demos in the future, especially from Bethesda now that they’ve made this move.

Source: Destructoid, Bethesda

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