Video: Dragon Quest Heroes II: Meet the heroes, Jessica & Angelo

Square Enix has released the next trailer in their video series of “Meet the Heroes” showing off heroes from Dragon Quest VIII: Journey of the Cursed King. The trailer begins with our heroes in deep trouble about to be attacked by a large number of monsters. ENTER Jessica and Angelo.

In Dragon Quest VIII Jessica, a mage from the town of Alexandria, joins the cast in seek of revenge for the death of her brother. She is of course able to wield magic as well as whips and knives, although I found that her magic was her greatest asset. Angelo a royal as well as a Knight of the Templar’s is capable of wielding both magic and physical attacks. He likes to think of himself as a ladies man and does tend to be a little much at times especially to Jessica however he is true to the cause for justice and a strong ally to have on your side.

Check out the action packed trailer below introducing both Jessica and Angelo.

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