Square Enix reveals new details about Final Fantasy XII The Zodiac Age

There are plenty of remastered games making the rounds, but as a Final Fantasy fan, there’s one that stands out. Final Fantasy XII The Zodiac Age is a remaster of the PS2 game, but it won’t just be an enhanced version, there will be new additions as well. Square Enix have revealed that you’ll be able to use two job classes simultaneously with your characters.

According to a post on VG247, you’ll be able to unlock a section on the licence board – a similar system to the sphere grid in FFX – which will give you access to a second job class.

Additionally, a new transparent map will be added to the game and eight new music tracks have been added.

I’m absolutely ecstatic that something new has been added as I generally feel remastered titles are throw away enhanced versions of older games. That said, I certainly can’t wait for the game to release in July. Is this high on your list for games in 2017?

I R 'Kaal'gat Kyle!
  • Ashley Crookes

    Would love to play this, I started playing the PS2 version many years ago but never finished it, so this would be great to play again. Last FF game I completed was FFX, so need to continue the series!

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