The first 100% Breath of the Wild speedrun is in – it’s slower than you think

Speedrunning has become an art in the last decade or so. The extent that some gamers go through in order to be the fastest is sometimes amazing to behold. The cheeky exploits, the optimal routes, the slight adjustments that can save them a couple of seconds and just the pure dedication of it. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild has been receiving a lot of love from speedrunners and people have already finished the game’s main story in 40 minutes or less.

However, a greater task still loomed and that was the 100% speedrun of the game that requires you to collect everything, explore everything and complete everything. It cannot be overstated how massive this game is so in order to do all that as fast as possible is insane. One man rose to the task and that’s a French Twitch streamer by the name of Xalikah. To give you an idea of what had to be done, you can view a reddit thread with all the requirements here.

So what was the final time? 49 hours in total. Xalikah took a bit of a nap during the run, which is understandable, so that time isn’t nearly at the optimal time yet. He has also stated that there’s a lot of strategies that he can employ that will drastically reduce the time.

You can watch the full run here, but obviously be warned of spoilers because this is essentially the entirety of Breath of the Wild done in full. It’s a testament to just how massive this game is that it took close to 2 days in full to get 100% on it as quickly as possible.

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