Encircle Games announces Corroded release date

The competitive brawler game, Corroded, will be released on PC via Steam on 26 April 2017, along with shared details on the Early Bird Edition of the game.

Corroded is a arena brawler throwing 6 participants into a shrinking ring in a free-for-all ultimate battle royale fashion, kind of like a mixture between MOBA’s and Smash Bros., with each battle consisting of 7 short rounds. You can build your metal monger in-between rounds through upgrades to give you a strategic advantage in the arena.

The Early Bird Edition includes:

  • ALL current robots unlocked
  • ALL 6 Early Access release skins unlocked
  • Unique “Ancient” skin for Red Dwarf
  • Unique Profile Image
  • Early Access to the game

There’s no price tag to the game as yet, but we’re informed that there will be a 10% discount on the game during it’s release.

This seems like a good platform to either vent some frustrations or convert close friends into long-term enemies, so choose your opponents wisely.

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