Video: An in-depth look at Dawn of War 3’s multiplayer

For those that played Dawn of War 2 you might remember that it was less about base building, like a traditional RTS, and more about commanding selected squads of troops. Many fans didn’t like the approach and it looks like Relic has been listening to the feedback of it’s community because Dawn of War 3 looks to be a true RTS. At first glance the game might remind you a lot of Star Craft 2: Wings of Liberty and it looks like Relic have taken a few tips from Blizzard which is a good thing. The developers made a diary video detailing the multiplayer and how it would work while playing a 3v3 multiplayer game.

Check out the developer diary below and if you like what you see you will be happy to know that you cant get your hands on the game in just seven days time.

Source: Dawn of War

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