Wild Guns Reloaded is coming to Steam this year

Get yourself ready because there is going to be a shootout. Publisher Natsume has confirmed (via GameSpot) that Wild Guns Reloaded is hitting the PC via Steam later this year.

Last year Wild Guns Reloaded came out on PlayStation 4 to bring back one of those true cult classics of the Super Nintendo Era. The shooting gallery genre unfortunately was long forgotten but Wild Guns has been on nearly every Underrated SNES game list. Those who have ever played it will always bring up just what made it so special back then.

Reloaded is a full Remaster of the original game. With updated visuals, all new playable characters, stages and bosses. The big hook about Wild Guns however, is the co-op gameplay which is where the real fun lies. Wild Guns Reloaded has up to four player local multiplayer. There was no online multiplayer for the PlayStation 4 version, so it is unlikely the Steam version will feature it however there is no firm confirmation.

This release also takes a massive step for Publisher Natsume, with Wild Guns Reloaded being the first game the company will release on Steam. Natsume have a long and stellar history within the Video Game industry with many a beloved franchise. If Wild Guns Reloaded can perform well on the platform, maybe some Harvest Moon games will finally make the leap.

No firm release date or price has been revealed just yet. Hopefully fans won’t have to wait too long to sink into some co-op shooting gallery action. For those that have never known the thrill or the joy of Wild Guns, your reasons for missing out are starting to become mute points. So keep your eyes peeled as you won’t be disappointed.

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