A new update for Final Fantasy XV drops in on 27 April

Final Fantasy XV will receive another update (or as others like to call it ‘free’ update) next week which should fix a few issues for the PlayStation 4 Pro. There won’t be many fixes for the PS4, but new game elements have been added that may make travelling through Eos a little better.

“The new update will introduce additional features for PS4 Pro users, including a new image quality mode. This mode will allow for stable framerate and comfortable play.

“Additionally, subtitles and menu screen size can now be magnified. Timed quests will also start up again, along with a ranking system. Extravagant weapons can be obtained from them. Furthermore, a new sticker has been added for Regalia customization, along with new music for the music player.”

Aside from the update, we still have the Ignis and Prompto episodes to look forward to. I’ve recently completed the game and I’m rather interested to play the DLC chapters, especially Prompto now that I know what he’s been through in the game. Have played episode Gladiolus yet?

Source: Nova Crystallis, Gamespot

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