Australian Snooker Champion talks about how video games affected his life

Australian Snooker Player, Neil Robertson, had a very candid interview with Eurosport about his addiction to video games and how it impacted his personal and professional life.

In the interview he said he used to play a lot of World of Warcraft and League of Legends, but had to stop completely because it had taken over his life completely:

[quote]”I’ve had really good application in my practice after dragging myself away from playing too many video games.

“I was part of a raid team, and we played a few nights a week. When we got out to China for a tournament, I was trying to make the raid slot. When I got out there, the connection was so bad that I couldn’t get access. I was furious for four or five days.

“All I was thinking about was getting back home for a connection from China. I lost my spot on the team, and all of a sudden that became more important than the snooker which is absolutely crazy.” [/quote]

He said he realised he had a problem when he started playing through the night, and then not focusing on his snooker practice the next day. Or playing Fifa 14 the whole morning instead of practicing:

[quote]”The years I had the 100 centuries, I should probably had around 120 because I got addicted like hell to FIFA 14. I was obsessed with winning the title against other players. I’d get up in the morning to take Alexander (his son) to school then turn on the Xbox, thinking ‘I’ll just have one game with a cup of coffee to wake myself up’.

“Before you know it, it is 2pm in the afternoon. It is then too late to go to the club to practice because I’ve got to pick Alexander up from school. That really affected the second half of my season. I wouldn’t say I would have won a lot more tournaments if it wasn’t for video games, but I think I would have given myself more opportunities to go further in other events.”[/quote]

Robertson says he is now “sober” for a couple of months, and focusing on his snooker career and his family, which is good.

We don’t always want to admit when something we love might have a negative impact on anyone, especially when we constantly have to defend our passion and hobby against media outlets who blame video games for everything bad in the world, even though it is not true. But the truth is that it’s not always sunshine, and sometimes people get hooked and it affects their work, family life and even health, and it’s something that we should all be aware of.

You can read the whole interview here, if you’re interested.

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