Everybody’s Golf confirmed for August tee off

It has been some time but Everybody’s Golf is coming back. The official PlayStation Blog has confirmed that Everybody’s Golf will be hitting the West later this year on 30 August for European players, exclusively on PlayStation 4. Sony uploaded a new trailer to celebrate the announcement.

Recent news had broken about the Japanese release date for the then titled “New Everyone’s Golf” along with the information of a closed online test being held in May. It was yesterday that western fans, hoping for a short release difference, found a welcoming surprise. Despite America getting it a few days earlier, Everybody’s Golf will be getting a worldwide release in late August.

Alongside dropping the new trailer, the PS Blog also confirmed that a closed online test will also be coming to Western Audiences from May 26th to May 28th. There is currently no sign-up process but the post states that details will be sent to eligible players soon.

Pre-orders incentives have been confirmed, and for those willing to sink in early there are some additional bonuses. The prime item is definitely the 20th Anniversary Course but apart from that, it is the usual cosmetic additions. These include A Rabbit mascot Costume, two unique shirts, a “premium Kart” and finally a Dynamic Theme.

This will also be notable due to Sony’s decision on the name. Everybody’s Golf has been the official name of the series in Europe since the first game, being a direct translation of the Japanese name “Minna no Golf”. However, for the American audience, they know the charming golfing game as “Hot Shots Golf”, or at least they used to. For the first time ever, Everybody’s Golf will be the official name across western territories.

Everybody’s Golf for the PlayStation 4 was announced in 2014. This will be the first Everybody’s Golf since Everybody’s Golf (6) for the PlayStation Vita and a later PlayStation 3 in 2012. This release will also coincide with the 20th Anniversary of the beloved franchise. The golfing genre of video games has always been a little barren, so Everybody’s Golf has taken the mantle of the golfing game of the industry. It goes to show why fans the world over are happy over the next entry coming soon.

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