Video: GTA Online goes the Micro Machines route with their Tiny Racers DLC in April

It’s now been years since last we saw tiny cars racing each other from a top-down perspective, and this year we now have Micro Machines: World Series arriving and now we have Rockstar jumping in on the action too. You’d just about think that they’re spoiling the party for Codemasters, but we think it’s just one big coincidence.

GTA V is a game that really can’t stop giving and the latest DLC will come in the form of tiny little cars racing each other from a top-down perspective. You’ll also get access to weapon pick-ups that’ll allow you to drop smoke bombs, jump your car, machine gun the competitors to bits or drops oil for those behind you to spin out. You’ll also have to get a good grasp on the track you’re racing on as it involves stunts too where you have to jump wide gaps or plummet to your death. It’s looking fun and if you already own GTA V this DLC will come to you on 25 April for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

Yes, that’s next week. Get a look at it here:

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