Video: Star Wars: Battlefront 2 won’t use the token system

I am a massive fan of the first Battlefront game but there certainly were a few issues with it. One thing that many players, including myself, really didn’t like was the hero and vehicle token system. Tokens would appear randomly on the battlefield and you would have to try grab them before anyone else which is no easy task. Once you grab a hero token you would then become a hero of your choice and the vehicle tokens work the same way. Apparently that system is now being dropped in favour of a more traditional system that will see you spawn into a vehicle, similar to the way it works in Battlefield 1. Other new improvements include more fluid hero gameplay as controlling heroes in the first Battlefront felt very stiff and that is apparently because of old Battlefield code that was used that has now been re-written for the heroes in Battlefront 2.

There are also big improvements to the blasters that will make them slightly harder to master and it seems that a small amount of destruction has been added but it won’t be dynamic, instead it will be similar to the levelution system seen in Battlefield 4. All this new information comes via Westie and for a few more details you can see his full video below.

Source: Westie

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