Welcome to the shiny new SA Gamer news site

Oh hey, hello! Have you noticed the new paint, tiles and fresh air? It’s even got that new paint smell, but you’ll find that the old cosy and comfy furniture remains. SA Gamer has had a little bit of a facelift since last you’ve been here. You know? You have to move with the times.

Everything you love is still here. Your news, reviews, features, Free Games Vrydag competitions and everything you have become accustomed to on the site. It’s all still there, including that amazing forum of ours. If you’re more of a platform fanboi (be that PlayStation, Nintendo, Xbox or PC) you can access all news, reviews and features that refers to your platform of choice on one page. You might have also noticed the ‘hardware’ tab? Expect more hardware reviews in the future. No, you won’t see electric shavers and hair dryers being reviewed. If it links to gaming expect us to provide you with our expert analysis on it.

There are however small but important changes that’s taken place here at the SA Gamer office too. Garth Holden, who some of you might know as the Wookiee (don’t worry he won’t bite, just don’t make him angry) will from this day forward be the Editor here at SA Gamer. So expect him to dazzle you with his words and fur. As for me? Well, I’m going nowhere. I’m just taking care of some other important matters behind the scenes and will be as active on the site as I’ve ever been. In fact, I’ll now have more time to cause all sorts of nonsense, so who knows what that could lead to? [Ed – Uh oh.]

You’ll also see that we have now updated the Meet the Team page whereby we have transformed from 8-Bit mug shots to super realistic versions of ourselves. You can just about lick that screen, and I mean, with all that sexy can we blame you?

Feel free to drop us a question or suggestion on the contact us page, or just leave your thoughts in the comments below, we read it all. If you’ve been with us for years or whether you’re a new fan – welcome from Garth, Dave, Kyle, Zain, Charlie, Marko, Ash, Paul, Delano, Abigail and myself. SA Gamer will continue bringing you the best the gaming industry has to offer.

Married to a gamer and she kicks my ass at most shooters. If the game is enjoyable I'll play it, no matter the format.

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