Video: Outlast 2 receives another terrifying trailer

Outlast was something I simply could not play. I have this absolute hate (and fear) of something chasing me in a game, but there’s no denying that the sequel is about to push those boundaries even further. Gone is the madhouse of the first game and in its place you will play as a journalist, along with your wife, out to dig out your next exclusive story that most other reporters don’t dare touch. Problem is that this time you’ve gone too far. Outlast 2 takes you deep into the Arizona desert to confront a new dark, sinister fear.

In the below trailer there’s a glimpse of this new fear. Gloomy hallways, blood flowing from showers, deranged people and monstrosities, blood raining from the sky, torture and just about anything horrific you can think of – Outlast 2 has it in abundance. You might have left the madhouse of the first game behind, but it really feels like you’re jumping from the frying pan into a terrible fire.

Outlast 2 launches tomorrow (25 April) for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

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