Hidden Heroes: Tom Taylorson

Kyle and I have been doing Voice Actor Tuesday since 2015, and we’ve featured over 60 amazing voice actors. While there are many more we could still feature, we decided we wanted to expand our coverage to include other talented people who help bring our favourite games and characters to life. So with the launch of the revamped SA Gamer, Voice Actor Tuesday is transforming into Hidden Heroes, to better encompass all the people we want to cover. We hope you’ll enjoy this series going forward.

That said, today I’m featuring a voice actor anyway. He’s someone I just spent over 90 hours with in the Andromeda galaxy. Scott Ryder, known in the Milky Way as Tom Taylorson. The cast of Mass Effect Andromeda had some pretty big magnetic boots to fill, but none more so than the voices of the player characters. I stepped out of my comfort zone with this Mass Effect game and chose male Ryder for my first playthrough, and I have to say that I’m glad I did. Whatever flaws the game may have, I thought Taylorson’s performance as Scott Ryder was excellent. I’d be perfectly happy to play another two games with him as the main character.

Tom Taylorson is not a voice I’ve heard before in video games, and there was something refreshing about that. He’s not new to voice acting, however. He’s done radio and TV ads in the US, as well as numerous audiobooks. When I started researching him for this article, I discovered he voiced the title character in the Octodad games. However strange those games may look, they have really high review scores, so maybe there’s something there? Taylorson also had a role in the Episode Gladiolus DLC for Final Fantasy XV. I’m looking forward to hearing him in more games in the future.

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