Pro Overwatch player ends own career with racist tirade

In what is becoming a more common element of professional gaming and streaming, another popular player has destroyed their future in the professional scene. While there are many ways a pro player could trip themselves up and fall from glory, Matt “Dellor” Vaughn, a Pro Overwatch player of Toronto Esports, decided to go for one of the worst with the accompanying hardest fall.

In a recent ranked Overwatch match, Vaughn found himself against a pesky Widowmaker. She was getting in some accurate shots (as she should) when Vaughn erupted into a tirade. For what is about 30 seconds, Vaughn went off screaming and repeating the N-word, over and over with some new adjectives thrown in towards the end.

Vaughn however, did not realise, apparently, that the entire thing was being streamed to his Twitch followers. While some early reports stated it was a stream of another player capturing Vaughn over voice chat, it has been confirmed to be Vaughn’s own stream in the video. Of course, when anything on this level occurs, some viewers were quick to capture the moment and spread it online. The video is below but be warned about some despicable language as well as an audio warning because Vaughn does get loud.

Toronto Esports was quick to respond to the entire incident and did the right thing by booting Vaughn. The official website of the eSports organisation updated their news page with the announcement. It is about what you would expect from an official statement of the team, but it is nice that they are clear on their position of inclusivity and how they are against such racist actions.

Vaughn took to twitter following the incident initially showing remorse and acknowledging the decision to have him dropped was the correct one. Here is the full statement that can be found on TwitLonger. While it starts off well enough, it does not take long for Vaughn to drop the ball and completely miss the point.

Starting off by acknowledging his mistake, Vaughn continued that he “won’t try to argue or make an excuse, I don’t have any.” He then proceeds to provide every excuse imaginable from having a bad day, internet lag to accusing the Widowmaker that ticked him off, of cheating. Although the irony of him once again repeating at the end “I fucked up, I have no excuse” becomes laughable at that point. He also makes sure to say he was not a racist but was just angry and said “the most offensive thing that came to mind.” There you have it, Vaughn completely missing of the point of what he actually did and apparently, what racism actually is.

Credit to Kotaku for the image as well as information for the story.

In the final bit of news, his Twitch channel was also shut down due to violating terms of service. Vaughn also acknowledged via Twitter that he was through with eSports in general. Regardless, it is good that steps were taken to remove such people from the eSports scene. This kind of showing is abhorrent and has no place within any community.

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