Days Gone developer moves to a bigger studio

First party Sony developer, Bend Studio, is not one of the best known studios around. They are mostly known for making portable spin-offs of already known games such as Uncharted: Golden Abyss and Resistance: Retribution. They have now moved on to do their own thing with the upcoming Days Gone, and have grown so much that they had to move to another building, which shows that Sony might have some bigger plans for them.

It is often the case that studios grow with the development of big games, but it’s usually only temporary, so when Bend Studio moved into a 4,600, four-story building to accommodate it’s current workforce, it does seem to be a bit more permanent. Studio Director Chris Reese confirmed that they had between 45 and 103 people working on the game.

These days, we tend to get more sad news regarding studios closing down and hard working developers losing their jobs, so it is nice to see that some studios are growing and taking on more staff. What we can expect from Bend Studio still remains to be seen. Hopefully they can live up to some of our expectations with the interesting looking Days Gone.

Source: PlayStation Lifestyle

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