Video: First Sonic Forces gameplay footage reveals a traditional side-scroller

Yes, we know that any Sonic game after Sonic CD is generally lambasted as being some of the worst platforming you can find in the industry. Sonic Colors and Sonic Generation was okay, but it really can’t compete with the classics. SEGA made it clear that Sonic Mania will be returning to the old-school formula thanks to help of Christian Whitehead, who previously worked on fan-made Sonic titles that became hits with the hardcore Sonic community. But what about Sonic Forces? We now have our first official gameplay footage.

Before now you might have seen the CG footage shown off last month and it looked like another traditional 3D Sonic was on the cards. It’s to our complete surprise then that the first footage below shows off a 2D Green Hill Zone. You can see it’s definitely still designed with 3D elements, which could spell a similar formula to Sonic Generations where you hopped between the 2D and 3D worlds of the same zones, but what they’ve shown off so far looks quite incredible. Other than the camera zooming in and out at certain parts throughout the level it looks and plays very much like a traditional 2D Sonic game. SEGA also refers to this particular model of Sonic as ‘Classic Sonic’ in the YouTube description, which tells us we’ll have 3D stages too. We’ll have to wait and see.

Sonic Forces does not have an official release date yet other than ‘holiday 2017’, but for now you can get a look at the classic Green Hill Zone below:

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