The man who designed the Wii hardware has retired after 45 years of service to Nintendo

To be dedicated to a company for 45 years speaks volumes in itself. I’m considered the dinosaur on the SA Gamer team and I still have a good few years to go to reach that age, never mind donating my life to a mega corporation for that period of time. That’s exactly what Genyo Takeda achieved at Nintendo. Yesterday Mr Takeda announced his resignation from Nintendo, leaving in his wake unforgettable moments in the history of this industry.

It’s thanks to him that we had a chance at trying out Punch-Out!! at arcades, on the NES and Wii, but he had a much bigger role to play at the Big N. Nintendo was the first company to bundle their console with a pack-in analog controller when the N64 launched and he was the man who designed that analog stick. He’s basically the person that brought Super Mario 64 and The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time to life all those years ago by not limiting your movement in either title. That’s however not his biggest achievement. He is the mastermind behind the development of the Wii hardware – Nintendo’s most successful console in recent years.

After the death of Satoru Iwata many thought that Mr Takeda would be taking over as President, but it now perhaps makes sense why he never took that role on. For the official details you can see this PDF that Nintendo released.

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