Could Bethesda be announcing two new games at E3?

Back in 2015, Bethesda had its first show at E3 opening up to the wonders of Fallout 4. It was a great show with a lot of eye candy and the first look at the highly anticipated new Fallout game. Fast forward two years and the show is still going strong. With E3 just over a month away, there’s a lot of speculation about what to expect.

Now there’s a little mystery involving the Bethesda E3 media invite. In it is a picture of the main Bethesda games in a theme park setting. However, two of the ‘sites’ in the artwork are ‘under construction.’ What this means is unknown, but it may be a hint at two games being revealed at E3.

Speculation or not, Bethesda is going to have to pull off something big to make this year’s show a good one. Many of its games have been published, so a show without something new just won’t cut it. Here is the full invite image:

Source: Game Informer

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