Local Injustice 2 tournament gets announced. Prepare those finger muscles

Do you remember that cool Mortal Kombat X tournament here in South Africa? It gave people from all over SA a chance to prove that they are the best juggler, combo-master and lethal machine when it comes to counting frames and understanding the flow of the game.

Well it looks like we are about to have some fighting action again. The Injustice 2 South African Cup is happening, operated by African Cyber Gaming League (ACGL). The tournament has a R60 000 prize pool and the winner gets an all-expenses paid trip to compete in the VS Fighting tournament in Birmingham, which has a $20,000 prize pool.

The tournament is only open to citizens or permanent residents of South Africa who are 18 or older on 19th May 2017. More information can be found on the ACGL page. Registration is open, if you want to sign your name and get ready to fight.

21 May Online Tournament [Non – Qualifier Warm Up]
28 May Online Tournament Qualifier 1
4 June Online Tournament Qualifier 2
11 June Online Tournament Qualifier 3
18 June Online Tournament Qualifier 4
25 June Online Top 16 Finale
8 July LAN Grand Finals

Here is the latest DLC character news too, in case you missed it:

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