Prey speedrunner completes the game in under 13 minutes

Prey has only been out for four days yet it is already subject to speedrun record breaking. In the last 24 hours, the world record for the speed run has been changing hands fast. The fastest time right now is an impressive 12 minutes and 43 seconds by CreeperHntr.

Over the last day the time differences with each new run have been nothing short of magical. Speedrunners are pushing as hard as they can to mow down minutes (not just seconds) to reach that world record. Looking at, one of the most reliable resources with regards to current records for runners, in the last day the time changes has been astronomical. By the time some media outlets started reporting the 42 minute record by MisterMunkki, that time was halved by runner DraQu which also got a lot of buzz. DrTChops shaved off another 7 minutes and was the frontrunner. In the writing of this article hands changed and CreeperHuntr now holds the record only a few seconds faster than DrTChops.

Check out the video below for the current record as of writing. Despite Prey taking around a dozen hours to complete and the speedrun only being 13 minutes, we are still going to give a SPOILER WARNING just in case.

For reference, by looking at the speed runs of similar games puts Prey at the top spot of completion speed by a huge margin. The original Bioshock sits at 40:37 by Glurmo. Bioshock 2’s world record run by BloodThunder is over an hour. Arkane Studios’ Dishonored currently sits at 33:28 by heny while the sequel is at 25:33 by bjurnie (for Emily playthrough).

Speedrunning has always been a fascinating element of the Video Game fandom. A community built to manipulate games while holding a strong dedication and commitment to shaving off each second. What makes Prey standout however, is just how quickly such a speedrun emerged. Speedruns often take time to learn as many tricks before diving into the true run. Glitches and manipulations often take time and practice to not only discover, but to master. With Prey however, it seems to be a mad dash for that top spot.

Prey is not the only big title to get a focus on speedruns this year. It was not long after launch that The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild was presenting some killer times. While it might be a bit unfair to compare the games that do very different things, what means the most is how ready speedrunners are to go above and beyond for those records. The current Breath of the Wild time sits at just under 40 minutes by ikkitrix.

All these speedruns come just under two months shy of the grand speedrunning celebration, Summer Games Done Quick (SGDQ). The charity exhibition is set to take place on July 2nd and go on for the entirety of that week. If you have never had the joy of watching, this year’s SGDQ is promising. Here is the schedule of games (even providing local time) and there is a big variety of games. The donation driven event will be supporting Doctors Without Borders.

While Prey definitely won’t be making the cut for this year’s games, next year’s Awesome Games Done Quick it will likely be there alongside The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. At least NieR: Automata will be ready for a speedrun in summer with it scheduled to be the opener for SGDQ 2017. So hold on to your butts because the war for the Prey world record is only just getting started.

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