Rumour: Far Cry 5 to be set in the Wild West

Far Cry has come a long way from its initial tropical paradise setting. It’s moved to Africa, with dodgy Afrikaans voice acting and all, then back to a tropical setting. It followed that up with a visit to Kyrat set in the Himalayan mountains and thereafter moved so far back in time that it ended up in in the prehistoric era with Far Cry Primal. You’d just about think that it’s trying to be TimeSplitters by moving from one era to the next. Where to next for the Far Cry franchise? Rumour has it that Far Cry 5 will be heading to the Wild West.

We do not for a moment think this rumour is false. Ubisoft are known for testing the waters when it comes to the franchise, so seeing the next story take shape in a spaghetti western setting is as good as any. With Red Dead Redemption 2 launching later this year we might have a bit of an overdose on the theme, but with guns returning to this era they might win fans back who avoided Far Cry Primal because of the lack of any modern pewpew.

This rumour comes via the production of a live action shoot whereby the producer, Jeff Guillot, said that it ““stretched more than 5,000 miles from California to Montana” and that the game it was being filmed for was “a sequel to an existing global franchise”. It so happens to be that he’s worked with Ubisoft on numerous occasions in the past, which leaves us with the promise of Far Cry 5 taking place in the wild west.

Expect to hear and see more about this at E3 this year. What’s that? You still can’t believe that Ubisoft would go this route with the franchise? Oh, play this, we think Blood Dragon might change your mind of what the developers at Ubisoft are capable of.

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