Video: Check out some heavy hits in this Tekken 7 character trailer

A strange thought for the day: Tekken 7’s console release is less than a month away. After initially releasing in Japanese arcades in 2015, with the Fated Retribution update coming in 2016, Tekken 7 has taken quite some time to make its way to consoles. It’s almost time to welcome Tekken 7 into our homes but first, let’s see some of the characters in action.

As if we didn’t need to see more gameplay. We’ve seen trailers, streams and even full on tournaments so now it’s time to just give it to us. Tekken 7 has looked great for quite some and we all understand that Bandai Namco are putting all the effort in to ensure that they don’t Street Fighter V the game, but surely we get to whine a little sometimes? Thankfully it’ll all be over in little over a month.

I just hope the local competitive scene will get some of the love that Injustice 2 is about to receive. I get that fighting games are not where all the money is at and we really do need another CS:GO final repeat, but the local fighting games community does deserve a little more external support. A couple more events like the ACGL Injustice 2 Tournament could go a long way to grow and improve the local scene.

In any case, this character trailer for Tekken 7 looks fantastic and I hope we’re in for a great time come the 2nd of June.

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