Endless Space 2’s latest faction has sentient trees planting new groots

One of the biggest drawcards of the Endless series of 4X games is the way that each faction plays so differently. Yes many 4X games claim this, but generally they mean “this choice gives you more money, so play a commercial game”. Instead Endless enjoys throwing completely new mechanics, resources, conditions and troubles to overcome.

The latest new faction to join Endless Space 2 is The Unfallen. These sentient, pacifist treefolk learnt about travelling to space when someone crash lands on their planet chased by another group. They learn from this and build ships to investigate the stars. Massive, tree-like spaceships. What could be cooler than a race that shapes trees into living weapons and a means of navigating the stars?

If you want more information on how The Unfallen came about, watch this making of which explores how community interaction and competitions helped create this new alien race and its ideology.

Endless Space 2 is heading out of Early Access on May 19, with a box edition available for those who prefer physical additions to their games library.

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