It looks like Mass Effect is on hiatus for now

Mass Effect: Andromeda launched as that game people liked to laugh at and hate on. A solid game set in a new galaxy with new characters and a story far removed from the Reaper threat, Andromeda was ridiculed for poor animations and uneven writing. Underneath the issues that became the flavour of the week to ridicule on social media, Andromeda is a good space opera with an amazing end level and epilogue. But if you were hoping for Andromeda 2 soon, you are going to be waiting for a while.

The developer of Andromeda, BioWare Montreal is being turned into a support studio, according to Kotaku’s sources who are “close to the company”. This doesn’t mean that Mass Effect is over and done for, but it does mean that Andromeda 2 isn’t about to start development right now, like many hope it will.

Last month several BioWare Montreal employees were transferred to EA Motive, also in Montreal, to work on Star Wars Battlefront II. Those still at BioWare Montreal will continue to patch Andromeda and support the multiplayer. Other duties will include supporting BioWare’s new IP, which will probably be revealed at E3.

If you are a fan and were hoping to see more of Andromeda, the kett threat and the Pathfinder Initiative’s new home, prepare yourself for a long wait.

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