GTA5 Online role-playing server is becoming a must-watch

Leave it to communities and modders to take something rough and make it so silky smooth. Grand Theft Auto 5 has been on PC for two years. Yet if you bowed out of Rockstar’s world, especially the online portion, then here is something that will be pulling you back in.

Some modders decided to bring a new popular online genre to the world of GTA5 – a role-playing (RP) server. For those joining who don’t fully understand how you turn GTA into role-play, the sub-genre has become quite the Twitch darling in recent months. Essentially, players assume roles in the world of a video game and act them out. In GTA RP server, you can be a duty bound cop, a criminal mastermind or just a taxi driver. If you need a more in-depth look at the online mod, check out’s write up from a few weeks ago. It delves a lot more into the game and how it works. The RP mod received some big coverage last year from Rolling Stone before the boom of popularity.

What has been driving up the player numbers and the popularity of the role-play is all thanks to Twitch. Streamers have always found a comfort in participating in a world of players acting out their dreams. Arma 3’s role-play server was a joy to spectate with cops getting too violent and players going above and beyond to perform the role they chose. Grand Theft Auto 5’s RP server seems to be something way more special. This might be all due to one glorious man, one who embodies goodness, wholesomeness and the God-given law. This man goes by name: Eli Thompson. Right now, you are in his yard.

Within the fandom and community of GTA5 RP, Eli quickly became legendary. Viewers would tune in over many streams in hopes of catching a glimpse of the majestic patron saint of the law. You see, Eli is a Sheriff and he takes his job very seriously. Eli compilations were quickly hitting YouTube with streamers stunned at the dedication and character they were seeing. Check out one such video above and another here. Eli was a real GTA character, someone who could be plucked right out of the game and given his own storyline. Before it was a case of finding Eli, now he has given us a first-hand view of the practice of justice with his own stream.

Eli announced that an official channel and stream would commence, following his misadventures with the beautiful community of Los Santos. Aptly dubbed “Sheriff Eli’s Digital Law and Order”, the stream became an instant hit with its first ever showing garnering over 40,000 views. Unfortunately, with the channel so new the Video on Demands (VOD) is still clumsy. The lovely chat bot said that while Part 2 is up of the stream (which you can find below in YouTube form), part one will be coming eventually.

Sheriff Eli is scheduled to show the world his law every weekday for eight full hours. Even the law must rest on the weekends and with Eli working harder than any Sheriff I have ever seen, he deserves it. His streams start at 20:00 local time and end at 04:00. If you ever cannot sleep through the nights, Eli has you covered like a successful stake-out.

While Eli is the most popular character, there are so many great moments. From the would-be criminals trying to make it up through the ranks, to that prostitute who just wants to be a star. Grand Theft Auto’s role-playing server is something to behold and better yet, experience. There are multiple versions of RP mods with the most popular being FiveM and FiveRP which each provide instructions on installation. It seems like Rockstar is letting this one slide so don’t worry about too much about bans or getting your online revoked. If you decide to take the plunge into the world of role-playing in San Andreas, good luck to you. Remember, Eli will find you.

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