Destiny 2 gameplay – Here are all the details

Close to 500 000 people tuned into Bungie’s livestream that revealed the details and gameplay of the highly anticipated Destiny 2.

So what did we learn about the upcoming Multiplayer space magic shooter? Well, according to Luke Smith, Creative Director of the game, Destiny 2 will be a new beginning for guardians both old and new. He said that they’re planning on giving us a world that pulls us in, and adds a lot of new features and content that was missing from Destiny. They’re literally starting with a clean slate.

We got a few trailers, as well as a gameplay reveal of the first mission of the game which is called “Home Coming”. The video showcased a bit of the way weapons are going to work now, which have been reworked into Kinetic, Energy and Power weapons, instead of the old Primary, Secondary and Heavy loadout we were used to. Along with that, we also got to see some of the new Super Abilities of the Guardians called Dawnblade for the Warlock, Sentinel for the Titan and Arcstrider for the Hunter.

Bungie also revealed that Destiny 2’s PvP content, called Crucible will be completely reworked, being changed into a 4v4 system. They also announced that matchmaking will now be available for¬†other end game content such as Trials, Nightfalls and Raids. All other content that we’re used to will return to the sequel as well.

All the old modes will return as well, but with added story, cinematics and content. Bungie also went into a bit of details on how the new worlds will feel more alive and varied. The open worlds will now offer so much more than just patrols, such as treasure hunts, adventures and NPCs that can give you quests.

Something that Destiny is really well-known for is its community, and Destiny 2 will be getting a lot more in-game support for the community and social aspect from it. For the first time, Clan support will be in game, with rosters, clan customisation and rewards for clans. On top of that, a cool new feature will be Guided Games, a system that allows solo players and clans to meet up and join each other for activities and such. This will allow solo players to enjoy more of the co-op features of the game, as well as help people meet new people and friends online.

The biggest news however is probably reserved for the PC players, who will finally be able to enjoy what Destiny has to offer. Destiny 2 will be available to PC gamers exclusively through Blizzard’s, which has up until now only been available to Blizzard’s own games such as World of Warcraft, Diablo and Overwatch. It’s a great platform and PC players should be very happy about that.

Destiny 2 released worldwide on September 8, and we’ll be able to play a beta of the game, which was announced for the coming months.

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