Video: Fancy a duel? Check out Quake Champions new duel mode

Have you been playing the Quake Champions open beta? We have and we have been loving it so far. There is nothing quite as satisfying as getting in the zone then picking up some Quad damage right before you pull off a massive killstreak. Traditional deathmatch is what most people are playing but it looks like those that find the games a bit too frantic have another game mode that might appeal to them. Duel mode will see you go up against one other player and you will get to choose three different champions to fight with in a game.

If your champion dies the next in line jumps in to battle it out. The below trailer shows off the new mode in action and as you can see matches can get pretty intense during a game of cat and mouse with the other player. I can only imagine how many friendships this new mode will end, check it out below.

Source: Bethesda Softworks

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