PSN has 70 million monthly active users


Sony is really hitting the mark lately, with great games and content, but that’s not all the good news. According to their latest corporate strategy meeting, Sony has 70 million active PSN users. How they define “active” is unknown, but I’d take a stab and say accessed within the last month.

This doesn’t include PS Plus subscribers, just the standard network account. Having said that, Sony may have a few tricks to grow the subscriber userbase. We’ll have to wait and see what those plans are, but I’m hoping for a discount. Sony also released a little bit more information about PSN.

  • PS4 users collectively spend 600 million hours every week on PS4.

  • Sony wants to further enhance the content and appeal of PlayStation Plus to make it more attractive and in turn grow subscriber figures.

The active user amount is pretty incredible, but I wonder how it is divided among the three consoles, i.e., PS4, PS3 and PS Vita? Regardless of that, I hope they continue to do well and improve on their current services.

Source: Gamespot

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