Amazing details revealed for the cancelled Prey 2 plot

Earlier this month, Prey finally came out. The reboot of the 2006 shooter was well received but always was under a shadow of what could have been. Before Prey came courtesy of Arkane Studios, an official sequel was planned. Prey 2 was cancelled with very little known about the project. Thanks to Eurogamer however, we have some details of the plot and twists.

Eurogamer uploaded a video yesterday giving all the dirty details about what was actually going on in the world of Prey 2. By getting some of the original team members from developer Human Head, they were ready to gush about the unceremoniously cancelled project. What has been revealed is nothing short of incredible. While we would often give a spoiler warning for such stories, since Prey 2 will never be a thing there is no need. Check out the 14 minute video below that gives all the wonderful (yet simultaneously depressing) details:

Eurogamer was able to provide a lot of details on the plot of Prey 2. While a bit was known to some degree, the walls have been blown off. Tommy was going to make a return and be a big part of the story. The true enemies are revealed alongside their master plan for Earth’s destruction. Finally, we learn details about the main character Killian Samuels and his own revelations of death.

The most interesting bit of info actually comes from the Game Over’s in Prey 2. Death in video games has a majority of the time been a gameplay mechanic. A punishment of sorts by which players who have made a grievous error are reset to some position. Prey 2 decided to take this further than just gameplay and instead make it a narrative element. The big twist that would completely change the way players looked at their own death. Evening the ending sounds insane with regards to this story element.

Prey 2’s cancellation is still something that resonates with many players. The game was originally shown at E3 2011 and became one of the big reveals to take notice of. Playing as a bounty hunter in an alien land not only looked interesting, but gameplay videos looked like it could be very fun too. As to why the game was cancelled, there has never been a definitive answer.

Here is a gameplay demo from E3 2011 from GameSpot with the project lead of Prey 2:

Research will only lead to a he-said she-said between publisher Bethesda/ZeniMax and developer Human Head Studios. The accounts are quite different with Bethesda saying the game was not up to standard and everything shown were just tech demos. Human Head through interviews have said that the game was close to completion and refuted the claim it was a demo. There were also reports that Bethesda cancelled the project due to Human Head refusing to be bought by the publisher. IGN did a great piece giving a lot of the details of how this refusal doomed Prey 2. We will likely never know the full story of the turmoil behind the scenes. Yet some new information is likely coming very soon.

Eurogamer later today will be running a bigger feature on the development of Prey 2. While the video is focused on the plot details, hopes are high that the feature with the team members will shed some light on what happened. While Prey (the reboot) has been well received, there will always be a part of those who watched that original footage that can’t forget. Maybe one day the ideas and concept of Prey 2 will make its way into players’ hands. Until then, we can all keep those bounty hunter dreams.

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